Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kolbert and her last words

Of course, my attention certainly peaked when she began writing about the advances Burlington, Vermont has made when it comes to reducing carbon admissions. I know for a fact that I am certainly guilty of the idling violation that would get me a ticket there. I think I may have even done that in Burlington before, but luckily enough I was not caught. It is also interesting that she brought up that China has been known to follow in our footsteps. After the Olympics, I do know that the country was forced to fix their standards, but other than that they haven't really done anything to change. In fact, they have refused to do anything at all. Even though they may become the most advanced country in the world and will be number one, their own environment will tear them apart if they don't get their shit together.

Chapter 10 basically went along the lines of what she does through the rest of the book. She can't really seem to discuss the facts without having to give her own two cents on the topic. If anything, chapters like these make her seem very self-involved and to be honest, I stop listening to people like her because the way she presents facts is very off putting. It is evident that she is a very good reporter, but she let's her own opinions get in the way of that.

I like though that she would at least acknowledged what has happened since she had written the book. What she wrote here was straight facts, something that was very absent in the rest of the book. So to be honest, she had presented nothing new to be in this book. I really think I wouldn't have had to read this, it was just another way for someone advocating against global warming to make money. If anything, she is working against herself in that aspect.